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I am a woman and I am a mother and I do DH

Day of DH 2012 warrants an introduction to my new blog at Hello (again) world. And I want to introduce this new blog with a post about why I don’t blog and why I don’t tweet and what that … Continue reading

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For my reference: some blogging directories/sites mentioned on Humanist: Technorati is a pretty amazing gateway to blogs: http:// Crooked Timber’s academic blogroll weblogresource Jill Walker’s, specifically the following entry categories: Blog Theorizing: Blogs and Teaching And her … Continue reading

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I may not agree with all she says and perhaps we don’t share the same interests but I must admit, Fluffy Dollars makes me laugh. I think only the full file-name for this eponymous entry does the humor of the … Continue reading

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Interesting Blog

This blog has been put together by two (three) University of Maryland graduate students who are interested in cataloging new tools online. They showed up at MITH’s digital dialog yesterday on Google Scholar. It was interesting. As the blog notes … Continue reading

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Something to write about . . .

After a very successful gathering last night at Mayorga in Silver Spring with the local UMD Digital Studies group (under the fine leadership of MattK), I’m finally here to blog. I finally have a little something to write about. That … Continue reading

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authors blogging

I’m working with a literary agency to help them set up blogs for their writers to interact with interested readers. Essentially, I thought I would troll the internet for appropriate blogs and articles about blogging to see what works and … Continue reading

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