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At first I thought this was about us

Second quote of the day: “Despite doubts that the relationship will last, most agree the baby is likely to be good-looking.” (Seymore)

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Stupid human tricks

It turns out (imagine this!) that men don’t see colors so good. So, then why are we one of the few species in which the female wears the fancy feathers?

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I’m in love with Doug Knox

I really am. On my machine at work and on my old computer I had a “Show Desktop” icon that I use(d) more often than a monkey uses a spacebar. This wonderful man allowed me to restore it on my … Continue reading

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Hullo? Does anyone know who first said “The ghost in the machine” and its context? That phrase keeps coming up, but now it’s like “kleenex” or “bandaid”–it only seems to signify itself.

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Mentioned on Humanist: Perhaps if we all went there and had all the time in the world, we could add all our bibliographies to it and rule the universe. Perhaps.

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Why, that’s odd . . .

Isn’t this an odd combination of definitions? From

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