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19th Am. Lit. Digital Thematic Research Collections

Does anyone know of other Digital Thematic Research Collections from Am. Lit. 19th to early 20th Century other than these listed below? Please share. [By thematic, I mean how Carole L. Palmer uses the term in her essay “Thematic Resaerch … Continue reading

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Again, as with all these lists, please feel free to comment and add! Text Technology @ McMaster NMEDIAC, The Journal of New Media & Culture NMEDIAC is a scholarly peer-reviewed online publication. It is an intellectual canvas where the cultural … Continue reading

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Decadence and Aestheticism in 19th Am. Lit

DECADENCE AND AESTHETICISM IN AMERICAN LITERATURE Books: Mary Warner Blanchard *Oscar Wilde’s America: Counterculture in the Gilded Age*. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1998 Jonathan Freedman *Professions of Taste: Henry James, British Aestheticism, and Commodity Culture.* Stanford: Stanford UP, 1990. … Continue reading

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Technology in America 1914-1945

TECHNOLOGY, MEDIA, AND CULTURE IN THE SPACE BETWEEN,1914-1945. Books: *Haunted Media: Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television* (Duke University Press, 2000). author:Dr. Jeffrey Sconce, Associate Professor of Radio/Television/Film at the School of Communication at Northwestern University Thoughts stolen from CFP: … Continue reading

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Issues that relate to Technology in 19th Am.

Reading through CFP’s often feels like a wish list to me. The following are interesting topics of research that pertain to Technology and 19th Century America: The nineteenth century witnessed a proliferation of technological change, alongside which emerged new physical, … Continue reading

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A list of Digital Humanities Centers/Departments

I’ll be adding to this list as I go along . . . it’s not meant to be exclusive. Of course, if you would like to comment here and add to the list, I’m always much obliged. thank ye. Centers: … Continue reading

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Whitman and Henry Adams

In college for my American and history and literature concentration, I had to take ONE class toward my degree that was in the twentieth century. Perhaps this explains why I am partial to the nineteenth–I was told at an *early* … Continue reading

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You can dance if you want to

This is here just because I’m cranky and she makes me laugh (Betty, that is, not my cousin Elizabeth–although she’s funny too). Oh, and she can’t really dance, but then neither can I.

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Why, that’s odd . . .

Isn’t this an odd combination of definitions? From

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ACH/ALLC Paper Accepted!

I’m very happy to announce that I just got a paper accepted at the ACH/ALLC 2005 Conference. A first and it sure makes me feel like a big kid! If you’re interested and care to comment, please see the abstract. … Continue reading

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