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Stupid human tricks

It turns out (imagine this!) that men don’t see colors so good. So, then why are we one of the few species in which the female wears the fancy feathers?

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Curioser and curiouser . . .

Presently (well, not presently but someday in the future on a planet far, far away) I will be writing a dissertaion. I would like some helpful software, because I’m the kind of girl who likes good software. So, I’m curious. … Continue reading

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Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities

I’m very excited to say I was just invited to attend the Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities at the University of Virginia this fall. Please see my issue paper. I’d love some thoughts or comments!

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The second thing I can’t claim today is this notion of “Dada2data”. In this 2003 article, author Chris Joseph explores the idea that the internet is particularly useful for representing Dadaist works. This is sort of where I was trying … Continue reading

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Googling Off

A GoogleEarth inspired term. I can’t claim it (heard it on NPR), but I’d like to note that it’s a good one.

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So, yeah, we’re digging out our own patio . . .

IMG_0719 Originally uploaded by TanyaClement. Yes, she is wearing a “Fear the Turtles” t-shirt in a homemade pool (a.k.a. barely used kitty litter box). One word: classy.

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