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Blackwells Intro to Dig Hum and TEI/MLA Electronic Textual Editing

Two definite reads: TEI/MLA Electronic Textual Editing Blackwell Introduction to Digital Humanities TOC

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I’m in love with Doug Knox

I really am. On my machine at work and on my old computer I had a “Show Desktop” icon that I use(d) more often than a monkey uses a spacebar. This wonderful man allowed me to restore it on my … Continue reading

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Hullo? Does anyone know who first said “The ghost in the machine” and its context? That phrase keeps coming up, but now it’s like “kleenex” or “bandaid”–it only seems to signify itself.

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Digital Bookshelf

An interesting list with abstracts: Works on the Digital at UCSB Transcriptions E-lit Bookshelf at UCSB Transcriptions

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The Baroness

A certain Calamity Jane was over last night and was wondering about the Baroness. More information about her is here–a website produced by some students in Susan Schreibman’s CLIS class last semester. She’s become a pet project of mine. Who … Continue reading

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Mentioned on Humanist: Perhaps if we all went there and had all the time in the world, we could add all our bibliographies to it and rule the universe. Perhaps.

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Fellowships and Grants

Mellon Fellowships for Dissertation Research in Original Sources Humanities at Work Dissertation Fellowships in Womens Studies The Michael J. Pelczar Award for Excellence in Graduate Study The Phi Delta Gamma Graduate Fellowship Digital Theses and Dissertations This might be defunct: … Continue reading

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Am-Lit Norton Style

Now, I know on some level that I am supposed to hate Norton Anthologies because they pigeon-hole and canonize and erase and normalize and all other horrible human faults that we warn our students (and hopefully our society) against, but … Continue reading

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