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This is no Florida Hurricane

Growing up in Florida, I was always in love with a good hurricane. I say this lightly, not because I’m not aware of the destruction and heartache such cyclones can cause, but because I never experienced it. Strangely enough, even … Continue reading

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Folklore as a pursuit

I’ve started to think that I want to pursue follklore and textuality as an academic interest, combining that pursuit with a related interest: orality and literacy. I’m taking Barry Pearson’s class ENGL629A Readings in Folklore and Folklife, and while I’m … Continue reading

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First of Many: Grandpa

In December, 1997, I went over to my grandfather’s house for a couple of recording sessions. I just wanted to know his history in his own words. My grandfather had had an active career in many respects, and it seemed … Continue reading

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