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Schrodinger’s cat

My question for today (Turing sticks in my craw): What bearing does the 1935 thought experiment referrred to as Schrodinger’s Cat (here and here and most interactively here) which proves the superposition of atomic states of decay (that is, decayed … Continue reading

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Festuvus for the Rest-of-us: Digital Humanities Quarterly

From the TEI listserve: Call for Submissions Digital Humanities Quarterly Submissions are invited for Digital Humanities Quarterly, a new open-access peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations and the Association for Computers and the Humanities. Submissions may … Continue reading

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I may not agree with all she says and perhaps we don’t share the same interests but I must admit, Fluffy Dollars makes me laugh. I think only the full file-name for this eponymous entry does the humor of the … Continue reading

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Gertrude Stein as rap singer . . . no lie

Gertrude Stein, The Great Great Grand MF of Rap? .

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The ‘Death’ of the Scholarly Edition

So, you know how Barthes and Foucault exploded our notions of author? And Barthes and Derrida took on the text? And Judith Butler informed us that gender and sexuality are constructions? I’m here to tell you that there is no … Continue reading

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The list

Here is the final, signed version (although you can’t see the signature) copy of my reading list. I know you (all so many of you) have been out there waiting for this moment.

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Digital editing and autobiographics

*WARNING: the following is skeletal. It does not include citations, exceptions, or examples. In short, it is skeletal. I think there is a way in which the digital editing of modernist texts can inform textual studies (understood as criticism and … Continue reading

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