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From the people at WordHoard: WordHoard at the moment consists of two Java applications, WordHoard Reader and WordHoard Calculator, which you can download from At the moment WordHoard gives you access to lemmatized and morphosyntactically tagged texts of Chaucer and … Continue reading

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SLSA Conference

Jess at Lies and Fish and Ed Chang are trying to get us Digerati at UMD fired up for a panel at the SLSA conference. First, I think we SHOULD go to this conference as a group and put UMD … Continue reading

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Copyright Resources

In our own backyard: Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment (UMUC) Has she cornered the market on this URL or what?

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Modernism Stuff


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Media Culture Wikipedia

M/Cyclopedia of New Media could be useful. It’s been created by the creative industries faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia.

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Teaching with Technology Conference

I participated in the Teaching with Technology Conference at UMD, College Park this last week. I was trying to explain to my father-in-law the different facets of what I do and I narrowed it down to three different kinds of … Continue reading

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Interesting Blog

This blog has been put together by two (three) University of Maryland graduate students who are interested in cataloging new tools online. They showed up at MITH’s digital dialog yesterday on Google Scholar. It was interesting. As the blog notes … Continue reading

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Isabela and Lauren

IMG_0395 Originally uploaded by TanyaClement. Now, I’m just messing with the different settings on Flickr to see how this works. Plus, I obviously like this picture. Surprisingly enough, this was the day (10 days ago) when Isabela worked up a … Continue reading

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Flickr Photos

You know, I was kind of thinking this Flickr bit was a good deal and then I uploaded three of the wrong photos and I wanted to change them so I deleted them. Flickr wouldn’t let me upload three more … Continue reading

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