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Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities–Day Two

Wow. That’s a lot for one day. This is a break down of the major points of interest. I won’t parcel these out into tools because a single tool might incorporate many of these attributes. Major points of need that … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with matter? Summit on Digital Tools for the Humanities–Day One (Night One)

A sound bite from the Plenary: Imagine building things that are unethical to unplug. I have to say that all the reading I’ve been doing for my exams has paid off tonight at the kickoff of the summit . This … Continue reading

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More on Turing

I’m still working these thoughts out but it seems to me that Turing, while he constructs a “univesal machine” that facilitates postmodern and poststructuralist communications/representations/relationships etc. was working from a perspective that seems Modernist. That is, he anticipates his universal … Continue reading

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Two Turing questions to all . . .

While Grand Text Auto’s entry on Strachey (and Turing) says that “the publication, in 1937, of Alan Turing�s �On Computable Numbers�” wasn’t it published in 1936? AND Why isn’t Turing a Modernist?

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Thinking through some thoughts: Part One of many meanderings

If you want to go straight to my questions about Modernism, materiality, and the digital medium, please jump. It’s been suggested by my advisor that I start blogging about my readings. I immediately ask myself a few questions. Why write … Continue reading

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