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On Google ngrams

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@BaronessElsa on Twitter

Introduced with a live tweet on May 22, 2010 at THATcamp 2010 in Fairfax, Virgina, BaronessElsa is a textual performance based on the autobiography of the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. The original text is in the Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven papers … Continue reading

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Designing for Digital Literacy Survey

Please participate! I am inviting you to participate in this survey “Designing for Digital Literacy” at as part of a larger research project on curricular and infrastructural development within the digital humanities because you are affiliated with an undergraduate … Continue reading

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Scaring little boys near Kennebunkport

Another sighting of the Baroness. This time, the little boys have to be warded off with cops:

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Digital Literacy for the Dumbest Generation

Marc Baeurlein argues that undergraduates now and undergraduates to come soon are “the least curious and intellectual generation in national history.”[i] Dubbing them “the dumbest generation” and “mentally agile” but “culturally ignorant,” Bauerlein decrees that The Web hasn’t made them better … Continue reading

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Baroness Ilsa and Elsa

In the vain vein of keeping up with all things Elsa, I’m going to add this person who calls herself the baroness ilsa von freytag-loringhovnon on LiveJournal: Yet another person who takes on the Baroness’s identity as inspiration to … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities Inflected Undergraduate Programs

The following list has been collected from various respondents to an informal survey on the Humanist Discussion Group. Though McCarty and Kirschenbaum’s list of “Institutional models for humanities computing” at is extensive, I am interested in an updated account … Continue reading

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By way of MGK– Intute: the best of the Web London. 13th July 2006. Intute was launched yesterday at an event held at the Wellcome Trust. Intute is the new face of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN), and is a … Continue reading

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wysiwyg XML Editors

On a recent post to the TEI listserve: There is a link to some of them, and to some reports, in the XML FAQ at and and the teioo package

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Thank you

As of this weekend, B.’s new obsession is “Thank you.” I took her for a walk with the stroller through the zoo on Sat. and it was, “Thank you pushing me, Mommy.” John painted her room this weekend and it … Continue reading

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