Issues that relate to Technology in 19th Am.

Reading through CFP’s often feels like a wish list to me. The following are interesting topics of research that pertain to Technology and 19th Century America:
The nineteenth century witnessed a proliferation of technological change, alongside which emerged new physical, discursive, and intellectual forms. Technological innovation produced, and was produced by, changes in social practice and transformations in subjectivity-by the new ways people related to and perceived their environments-as well as by changes in knowledge, ways of knowing, and relationships of power.
-Technology and the growth of the nineteenth-century metropolis: urban
space; the expansion of systems of public transportation, railroads,
canals; architectural innovations; the rise of industrialism and commodity culture
-The relationship of technology to transformations in representation-
literature, the visual arts, new media-and to transformations in modes of reading, viewing, and perception in the human subject
-New communication technologies: printing methods, photography, the
telegraph, Braille, the radio, the telephone
-Transformations in tourism and entertainment: “exotic” travel, circuses and spectacles, zoological landscapes
-Global technological exchanges: economic expansionism visualized through geographic grids (mapping, cartography), world’s fairs, and expositions
-New social formations: organized political engagement with new technologies
-Scientific changes-mathematics, physics, natural science-and
the “pseudosciences”
-Optical transformations: telescopic developments, planetary discoveries
-New legal and penal forms: law, gender, sexuality, bodily regulation
-Religion, science, and technology: struggles and exchanges (Lamarck,
Darwin, phenomenalism, etc.)
-Innovations in musical form: the invention of new instruments,
compositional change
-Medical technologies, changing procedures, and the human body

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