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Schrodinger’s cat

My question for today (Turing sticks in my craw): What bearing does the 1935 thought experiment referrred to as Schrodinger’s Cat (here and here and most interactively here) which proves the superposition of atomic states of decay (that is, decayed … Continue reading

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Digital editing and autobiographics

*WARNING: the following is skeletal. It does not include citations, exceptions, or examples. In short, it is skeletal. I think there is a way in which the digital editing of modernist texts can inform textual studies (understood as criticism and … Continue reading

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More on Turing

I’m still working these thoughts out but it seems to me that Turing, while he constructs a “univesal machine” that facilitates postmodern and poststructuralist communications/representations/relationships etc. was working from a perspective that seems Modernist. That is, he anticipates his universal … Continue reading

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Two Turing questions to all . . .

While Grand Text Auto’s entry on Strachey (and Turing) says that “the publication, in 1937, of Alan Turing�s �On Computable Numbers�” wasn’t it published in 1936? AND Why isn’t Turing a Modernist?

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Writing Machines

I haven’t written anything in forever (studying for exams makes me mute), but I have to note how cool the Web Supplement to Hayles’ Writing Machines is–it’s pretty cool. It makes a great point of remarking upon its own method … Continue reading

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The second thing I can’t claim today is this notion of “Dada2data”. In this 2003 article, author Chris Joseph explores the idea that the internet is particularly useful for representing Dadaist works. This is sort of where I was trying … Continue reading

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Googling Off

A GoogleEarth inspired term. I can’t claim it (heard it on NPR), but I’d like to note that it’s a good one.

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SLSA Conference

Jess at Lies and Fish and Ed Chang are trying to get us Digerati at UMD fired up for a panel at the SLSA conference. First, I think we SHOULD go to this conference as a group and put UMD … Continue reading

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Copyright Resources

In our own backyard: Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment (UMUC) Has she cornered the market on this URL or what?

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Media Culture Wikipedia

M/Cyclopedia of New Media could be useful. It’s been created by the creative industries faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia.

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