Teat-sucking was over the line, yes, but the spongmonkeys are delightful.

I can’t claim the words in the title as my own, because I’m just that kind of scholar. They hail from Seth Stevenson who explains The Creatures From the Sandwich Shop Behind the singing rodents in the Quiznos ad in Slate. It’s one of many articles that analyzes that plethora of completely silly ads that were played over the Super Bowl broadcast–a “played” subject, granted, but I missed this article was just posted (perhaps it took an exorbitant amount of research to uncover?). He makes at least one good point:

Also, believe it or not, there is some classic marketing strategy going on here. As others have pointed out, this spot—unlike shock-spots with, say, flatulent horses—actually centers on product attributes. We’re told that Quiznos subs are tasty, crunchy, warm, and toasted.

Interestingly enough, he points out an eariler Quiznos Ad for which the company recieved a lot of, well, comments. Turns out that a character’s revery in the ad recalls sucking a wolf teat. People didn’t like that.
Other Slate articles this week include Who Killed Jesus? and How do you join an Indian tribe? Perhaps, me thinks I should read Slate more often.

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