Thank you

As of this weekend, B.’s new obsession is “Thank you.” I took her for a walk with the stroller through the zoo on Sat. and it was, “Thank you pushing me, Mommy.” John painted her room this weekend and it was, “Thank you painting, Daddy.” She sneezes and I say “Bless you” and she says “Thank you, Mommy.” But the best is the little things that I’ve been doing for the last two years without a thought–giving her meals, reading her books, changing her diaper, picking her toys up from the back floor of the car or her fork when she’s in the highchair and handing them to her each and every time she drops them–now, there’s this heartfelt, small “Thank you” accompanied by a grand smile for EVERY little thing I do for her.
She loves to say it because it so obviously makes me happy–I’m enjoying it while it does.

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