Sorry guys

But COME on! Leave it to a group of men to decide that kidnapping the prime minister’s son is the appropriate response to restricted rights for fathers:

London — A fathers rights group known for breaching security said Wednesday police had warned its members they could be shot if they came near Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office amid reports of a plot to kidnap his five-year-old son as a publicity stunt.

Jesus! A kidnapping plot and a shoot-out? Mothers would probably have some sort of knit/sit-in (with good snacks to boot).
On the other hand, the previous antics of “Fathers 4 Justice” do seem a little more “stay-at-home-Dadish”:

Baking: In May 2004, two activists hurled bags of purple flour at Blair inside the House of Commons chamber, prompting a security alert.
Groceries:In April 2005, two members hurled eggs at Blair’s car as he left a campaign rally.
Dress-up:An activist also has scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman,
Put-the-kid-to-bed-nightime-keep-the marriage-alive games: while another member handcuffed himself to a government minister.

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