A short update

I’ve posted nothing lately–and for good reason–but if I don’t post something soon then poor Isabela will be stuck on the page by herself, investigating pumpkins (the current pics) all by her lonesome. So an update of what I’ve been doing since November:

  1. I passed my oral exams.
  2. I found it that I’m pregnant.
  3. I delivered a paper (less than week later) at SLSA in Chicago (see Jess’s blog called “‘The Most Agonizing Spy an Enemy Could Send’: The Database as Narrative in the Dickinson Electronic Archives” essentially about how PHP code can be considered narrative. One scholar in the audience asked me then if recipes were narrative, to which I replied for the most part: “Sure, if I argue it as such.” Clever, huh?
  4. I found out I’m delivering a paper at the International Conference on Narrative on Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl and subjectivity (how do I make this a new topic, you ask? We’ll see).
  5. I found out I’m due in July.
  6. We went to Florida over Christmas.
  7. I presented two papers at MLA titled: “Editing is Performance: Interpreting the Baroness Elsa von Fretytag-Loringhoven” and “Dressing dada, loving dada, living dada . . . Again: Reproducing performance in the Baroness Elsa von Fretytag-Loringhoven Digital Archive”–while they sound similar, they were markedly different (ask Jason, he–as a good friend and mentor/peer he was at both–thanks too to Lisa and Jarom who showed up.)
  8. I turned another year well past Thirty and bought a coat and a scarf and a hat (these are the only kinds of new clothes that make you happy when preggers).
  9. Tried
  10. Now, I’m learning Java.
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