The Second Coming . . .

of Steve Jobs, that is, is a great book about the rise and fall and rise again of Steve Jobs–the Apple Computer cofounder, also of Pixar fame–and the cult around his iconic identity. It’s a really enjoyable read (I should say listen since I’ve been enjoying it on my commute and while making dinner) for someone who was too young or not paying attention to business news at the time to even know that Steve Job was a computer guru of movie-star-esque fame. I mean he had a huge following. And then, a huge fall. But the most interesting part (besides the fact that he’s author Mona Simpson’s biological brother–how cool is that?) is this first-time marriage between the world of computers and the “scene” that is popular fame. I mean how does that happen? The XEROX guy ( there must be one, right?) doesn’t have that kind of status, yet photocopies revolutionized our world. O.k. Perhaps not a comparable scenario, but still, it makes me wonder, does the same personality that makes you think so far “outside the box” like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Einstein for that matter also make you the kind of person that the the public notices?

Perhaps, not when you think of Ada Lovelace or . . . the XEROX guy and the countless others I can’t name . . . but, it’s a good read anyway.

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