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Designing for Digital Literacy Survey

Please participate! I am inviting you to participate in this survey “Designing for Digital Literacy” at as part of a larger research project on curricular and infrastructural development within the digital humanities because you are affiliated with an undergraduate … Continue reading

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Scaring little boys near Kennebunkport

Another sighting of the Baroness. This time, the little boys have to be warded off with cops:

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Digital Literacy for the Dumbest Generation

Marc Baeurlein argues that undergraduates now and undergraduates to come soon are “the least curious and intellectual generation in national history.”[i] Dubbing them “the dumbest generation” and “mentally agile” but “culturally ignorant,” Bauerlein decrees that The Web hasn’t made them better … Continue reading

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Baroness Ilsa and Elsa

In the vain vein of keeping up with all things Elsa, I’m going to add this person who calls herself the baroness ilsa von freytag-loringhovnon on LiveJournal: Yet another person who takes on the Baroness’s identity as inspiration to … Continue reading

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fountain Originally uploaded by TanyaClement. Here she is at the World War II memorial. You’d have thunk the thing was made of fishy crackers the way she wowed it. It was all I could do to keep her from running … Continue reading

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sunglasses Originally uploaded by TanyaClement. Isabela decided that she would wear Mommy’s glasses when we went down to see the Cherry Blossoms. Of course, she wasn’t satisfied unless I was also wearing hers. Unfortunately, she’s still too young to take … Continue reading

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Sorry guys

But COME on! Leave it to a group of men to decide that kidnapping the prime minister’s son is the appropriate response to restricted rights for fathers: London — A fathers rights group known for breaching security said Wednesday police … Continue reading

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The ‘Death’ of the Scholarly Edition

So, you know how Barthes and Foucault exploded our notions of author? And Barthes and Derrida took on the text? And Judith Butler informed us that gender and sexuality are constructions? I’m here to tell you that there is no … Continue reading

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So, yeah, we’re digging out our own patio . . .

IMG_0719 Originally uploaded by TanyaClement. Yes, she is wearing a “Fear the Turtles” t-shirt in a homemade pool (a.k.a. barely used kitty litter box). One word: classy.

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A day in the life

I was just reading Steven Johnson’s blog and admiring his publicity schedule. I’m not impressed. Let me describe to you my last Wed. through Sunday. Wednesday evening I arrive home at 7pm from the McMaster Text Analysis Summit. Isabela is … Continue reading

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