Digital Humanities Inflected Undergraduate Programs

The following list has been collected from various respondents to an informal survey on the Humanist Discussion Group.

Though McCarty and Kirschenbaum’s list of “Institutional models for humanities computing” at is extensive, I am interested in an updated account of specifically undergraduate programs that have a digital humanities *inflected* curriculum — that is, programs which may or may not be called digital humanities but reflect–among other topics–some of the basic digital methodologies, topics of research, and disciplines that concern the DH community. Certainly, this is a broad definition, but the idea is to create a list from a range of initial responses from the field before conducting a more formal survey.

Institution Program Affiliated DH Center or Project Degree/Certificate
Brigham Young University Humanities Computing The Computers and the Humanities Program BA Minor
Brock University Digital Humanities The Centre for Digital Humanities BA
King’s College London Digital Humanities Centre for Computing in the Humanities BA Minor
Michigan State University Digital Humanities Specialization/Certificate
Stanford University The Digital Humanities Lab Digital Humanities Module
University of California, Santa Barbara Literature & the Culture of Information (LCI) Transcriptions- A Digital Humanities Project on the Cultures of Information Specialization
University of Exeter Digital Arts & Humanities BA
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Informatics Illinois Informatics Institute BA Minor
University of Maine New Media BA
University of Maryland, College Park Digital Cultures and Creativity Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) Certificate
McMaster University Communication Studies and Multimedia BA
University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media DXARTS-Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media BFA
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