The Baroness

A certain Calamity Jane was over last night and was wondering about the Baroness. More information about her is here–a website produced by some students in Susan Schreibman’s CLIS class last semester. She’s become a pet project of mine. Who knows if it will come to fruition–but we’re writing a grant to get her stuff digitized. I’ve been told not to count my chickens–but that would be wholly against my nature. One . . . two . . . three . . . fifty-seven . . . see? I’m in for a world of grant hurt. But, in the mean time, I think I got a proposal accepted to present a paper on her at MLA 2005. I like chickens. I like chicken fingers.
The following is a list of useful works (the ones I haven’t read) for future work on the Baroness:
Peggy Phelan’s Acting Out and Unmarked
Women and Performance, issue 17: Sexuality in Cyberspace

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