The basement of the library

I’m starting to feel a little stressed out in my corner of the basement of a large public institution’s large library where I’m a little concerned that I’m doing nothing. There are feet and books and coffee cups teeming over my head somewhere above . . . people moving. Life going on. But then, when you skip (school?) work, you always feel like the world is a little deserted. But then you see enough people around that you wonder what the heck they are doing out in the middle of the day? If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to be out shopping for a chopping block at Bed Bath and Beyond midmorning, you wonder who the heck that guy is buying pepper mills and kitty-cat napkins–why is he here and not at work?
And that feeling of fun always fades mid-afternoon anyway when the soaps come on and you’re kind of tired and a little bored, but you don’t feel all that sick anymore, at least not physically ill. You start to crave a faux chocoloate popsicle sick. Then, you wish you were at your desk in the corner of the basement of the library waiting for the whistle to blow so that you can go home and watch tv or go shoppping at Bed Bath and Beyond or better yet do nothing with friends.

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